We are a clinical grade laser therapy solutions company dedicated to optimizing whole body health & wellness. 528 Innovations is a collective of passionate individuals developing groundbreaking technology at the forefront of photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy while maintaining the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

528i was established with a mission to redefine healthcare. Our combined expertise in the clinical and technical industries have collided to blend innovation, science, and compassion to offer a science driven, personal and holistic approach to healing.

Our vision is simple yet profound—to bring light into your life, quite literally. We strive to make the benefits of laser light therapy accessible to all, fostering a world where there are no obstacles in your journey to optimal health.

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Meet Our Founders

Dr. Brandon Crawford DC, FIBFN-CND - Founder

Dr. Crawford is a board-certified Developmental Functional Neurologist and global laser expert whose focus on laser and light therapy transforms the lives of countless patients as clinical Director of NeuroSolution ATX. Dr. Crawford, is an expert in traumatic brain injuries and photobiomodulation, he empowers global audiences with groundbreaking approaches for optimized brain function and enhanced well-being. He's paving the way with innovative and effective treatments for various conditions using laser and light therapy on the brain and nervous system. His specialty lies in the safe and effective use of photobiomodulation, ensuring clients fully benefit from this cutting-edge treatment.

A trailblazer, Dr. Crawford's groundbreaking work is transforming lives and setting him apart as a leader in innovative therapies. He leverages his expertise in Biomedical Science, Human Anatomy, and Health & Wellness for a holistic treatment approach.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Crawford is a devoted husband to his childhood sweetheart and business partner, Sarah, and proud father of two sons. He loves sharing dad jokes, traveling with his family, and envisioning ways to improve healthcare.

Kevin Johnson - Founder

Co-Founder Kevin Johnson brings 23 years of technology engineering leadership in product research and development on systems and hardware used by innovators like NASA, Tesla, CERN Large Hadron Collider, and the European Southern Observatory. Coming from over two decades of leadership at National Instruments, Kevin is no stranger to spearheading innovative hardware and software solutions. From Aerospace to Industrial Machinery, he's been at the helm of R&D, driving forward some of the most groundbreaking innovations in diverse industries.

Now, he brings that same dedication and expertise to 528 Innovations, overseeing product development and the business strategy technology roadmap. What fuels his dedication to 528 Innovations isn't just his passion for technology, but his deep, personal connection to wellness.

After witnessing his son's eight-year struggle with a debilitating and undiagnosed brain disease, Kevin and his wife Jacquie discovered the transformative impact of light therapy which set them on a heartfelt personal journey, and the commitment to deliver a comprehensive and transformative therapy solution to families like yours.

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At 528 Innovations, we're not just innovating; we're engineering a revolution in healthcare and wellness. Our laser therapy solutions epitomize the zenith of technological sophistication, seamlessly merging precision engineering, advanced photonics, and science. Prepare to witness the transformational power of photobiomodulation(PBM) therapy as we redefine wellness, vitality and rejuvenation. Please check out our Laser Therapy Systems or Click Below to fill out the Inquiry Form.

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