Mobile App Features

System Integration

Bluetooth connect you with your personal laser therapy system. Enable profiles for multiple users.

Guided Experience

Program specific guided videos with step by step therapy outline.

Learning Centered

Tutorials, education, videos, research & articles empower learning about therapy.

Monitor Progress

Self-monitoring, tracking of progress, usage and cataloging of favorite programs.

Experience Interactive Wellness

Coming Soon!
  • Connect to wellness in NEW ways – guide for your wellness journey step by step.
  • Guided Programs with optimal treatment parameters & tracking outcomes.
  • Visual images act as tutorials for consistency of use & targeted treatment.
  • Multiple profiles allow you to create the ultimate experience.

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Is the 5-Series laser therapy system safe to use at home?

Yes.  Our laser device has been intentionally engineered to meet FDA Class 3R safety classification that is considered safe when handled carefully.  No safety eyewear is required to operate the laser, which is a requirement of use for Class 3b or Class 4 laser devices.  At the same time, the 5-Series lasers delivers power light levels typically reserved for only clinical settings. This is a powerful laser therapy device.  Never shine any laser directly into your eye, knowingly direct outwardly at someone or something, or in the air, even at lower classification levels.

What conditions can be treated?

The 5-Series laser is indicated for relief of muscle and joint pain and stiffness, arthritis pain, muscle spasms, muscle relation, and increased blood circulation.  Our library of programs and presets provide optimal settings for utilization of laser therapy technology for these indications. Note: Doctors and therapists may use these therapy systems in various ways, so it is always important to understand their recommended use if professionally provided.

How long and how often should I use the device?

Therapy times vary based on condition, method of treatment, and physical characteristics of the patient (example: melanin, i.e. skin color).  Therapy times can range from a few minutes to an hour. Research has shown that there are optimal dosages to maximize results, and consistent use of the same parameters provide better results over time. With other light therapy solutions, it can often be very confusing to understand how long to perform therapy.  That’s why, at 528i, we provide a library of programs that personally guide you through the optimal dosing parameters and therapy times to consistently meet your wellness goals.

Are there any side effects of using a handheld laser therapy device?

Side effects are rare, but some users may experience temporary redness, warmth, or tingling in the treated area. If you experience any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Are there contradictions of use?

Laser therapy is considered a very safe form of therapy with little to no side effects. Never discontinue use of medications prescribed by your doctor, but report improvements. Always consult with your doctor and follow the below considerations:

  • Eyes: Never direct the laser into the eyes, as it can cause serious damage or injury.
  • Pregnancy: Avoid using laser therapy on the abdominal or lower back area during pregnancy.
  • Cancer: Do not use the device over known or suspected cancerous lesions or tumors.
  • Active Infection: Avoid using the device on areas with active infections, as the therapy might exacerbate the condition.
  • Thyroid Gland: Do not use the laser over the thyroid gland to avoid potential thyroid dysfunction.
  • Photosensitive Skin Conditions: Individuals with photosensitive skin conditions or those taking medications that increase photosensitivity should avoid laser therapy.
  • Epilepsy: Use caution in individuals with epilepsy, especially if the device emits pulsing light that could potentially trigger seizures.
  • Bleeding Disorders: Avoid using the device on areas with recent or active bleeding, as laser therapy may affect blood clotting.

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